Plant Selection

Plant Selection

Nothing is sadder than spending good money on a large beautiful plant, only to watch it wither and die in only a few months, if not sooner. When considering a plant purchase the best decision would be to have Foliage Unlimited come to your home or office to help you choose the correct plant and the perfect location for it. Ideally, having Foliage Unlimited provide weekly maintenance of all your interior plants, with free replacement for any plant purchased from us, would solve all your plant needs. But if you live out of our service area, there are a few pointers you should remember when selecting plants. Always look for the healthiest plant: watch for rotting from overwater or drooping from underwater, excessive tipping or dead leaves. Unless the plant is root bound, do not repot it. Keeping the plant in the growers pot and placing it in a decorative container with a inner saucer, will make it easier to care for. Consider the amount of light the plant will receive and purchase the correct one for your that location. Research. The amount and type of light along with proper watering is the key to successful interior plantscaping.  

Plants of Different Quality-Grocery Store vs Florist Quality


Pothos-Florist Quality


Pothos-Grocery Store Quality



Spathyphylum (Peace Lily)-Florist Quality


Spathyphylum (Peace Lily)-Grocery Store Quality


If you want to hear classical music, go to a performance by a symphony orchestra. If you want to buy a plant that is going to grow well in your home, go to a nursery or to a greenhouse. It’s a rare occasion indeed when you can listen to good classical music in a bowling alley and just as rare when you can buy a quality houseplant at a supermarket. Growers produce two types of interior plants, chain store and florist quality. There is no denying that chain store plants purchased at your local supermarket are cheaper than plants purchased at a nursery or greenhouse. The question is, do you really save any money if the cheaper plants never grow properly or if they gradually die within the first few months?


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