Pothos - About, Care and Maintenance

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Pothos is one of the easiest to care for and hardiest houses plants.  It can be used as a draping or hanging plant or trained to grow up a stake.  The waxy heart shaped leaves may be green or variegated.  The plant can tolerate low light but thrives in medium light.  It also does well with artificial light.  Prune long runners to promote new growth.  NASA has determined that Pothos are effective in removing pollutants from the air in homes, offices, and other facilities.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Well-lit location, will survive in lower light but may lose variagation in color.  Average warmth.

WATER:  The soil shoud be allowed to dry out between watering.  If the plant droops because of extreme lack of water, bright yellow leaves will appear after the next watering.  These should be quickly removed.  When a pothos is overwatered, new growth turns black and the stems become brown and mushy.

FERTILIZER:  Regularly during the spring and summer months.

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