Ficus - About, Care & Maintenance

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Ficus Benjamina will grow well in a warm, sunny corner away from all drafts. It is a bush when small; as a tree, it can have a traditional trunk, a braided trunk, or a spiral trunk. The leaves are generally dark green, but may also be variagated. A ficus can grow to varying heights depending upon its location; the more light and warmth, the taller it gets. Ficus are very popular trees for decorating homes, offices, businesses, and restaurants.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Ficus is a high light plant though the leaves will burn if touching a window in direct light.  Keep in a warm location away from cold drafts.

WATER:  Ficus plants require a large amount of water, but do not allow to sit in standing water.  Water less frequently in winter. Yellow leaves indicate the plant needs water.  When green leaves fall off or leaf buds turn black, the tree is being overwatered.

FERTILIZER:  Fertilize regularly in the spring and summer.

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