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The Lipstick is one of the best indoor flowering plants, It’s hard to believe that this beautiful draping plant with long graceful vines is a close relative of the African violet and the gloxinia.  The lipstick produces numerous bright red or orange tubular flowers throughout the year.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  These plants thrive on bright indirect light; direct afternoon sun will definitely burn its leaves. Average warmth.

WATER:  Although some recommend keeping the plant moist at all times, we have found that the plant will flower more often if it is allowed to dry out somewhat and then be thoroughly watered. As with all interior plants, the lipstick will require more water and fertilizer during the spring & summer months while it is actively growing.
Green leaves fall off when the plant is too wet or the temperatures too low (under 50 degrees). Entire vines will die if they plant becomes excessively dry.

PESTS:  Spider mites, an annoying plant pest that can only be identified by its webbing on the leaves, can infest lipsticks. Spray a solution of undiluted alcohol mixed with a few drops of ivory soap & mineral oil to get rid of the mites. Botrytis, a fungal disease, may put black spots on the leaves. When this appears, pinch off the affected stems & move the plant to a warmer location.

PROPAGATION:  Lipsticks can be easily propagated from tip cuttings. Remember to use Super Thrive or another rooting hormone to help the cuttings root better. If the plants start to get thin & straggly, cut it back & watch it fill out!

There are several varieties of Lipsticks, some with green & maroon leaves, some with light green leaves, some with red flowers some with yellow-orange flowers; whichever variety you purchase it will make a great houseplant.

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