Hanging Plants

Hanging or Draping Plants

Hanging plants are sometimes referred to as draping plants because they have stems or fronds that extend 6”-18”. These plants can be placed in hanging baskets, wall planters, or even on a coffee table, end table, shelf, or ledge.


Fern: These are tricky little plants. Most people think ferns need a great deal of water - not so!

Genus: Nephrolepsis
Family: Polypodiaceae
Species: Obliterata
Origin: Northern and SouthernTropics

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Goldfish Plant: There are over 25 different varieties of Nematanthus!

Family: Gesneriaceae

Genus: Nematanthus
Origin: South and Central America

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Ivy: Ivy is just a great indoor houseplant. There are over a hundred different varieties to choose from.

Genus: Hedera
Family: Araliaceae
Species: Helix
Origin: Europe.,North Africa

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Lipstick Plant: It’s hard to believe that this beautiful draping plant with long graceful vines is a close relative of the African violet and the gloxinia.

Genus: Aeschynanthus
Family: Gesneriaceae
Species: Pulcher
Origin: India, Southern China to new Guinea

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Nepthytis: Nepthytis, Syngonium, Arrowhead - They're all the same!

Genus: Syngonium
Family: Araceae
Species: podophyllum
Origin: Tropical America

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Pothos: Pothos is one of the easiest to care for and hardiest house plants.

Genus: Epipremnum
Family: Araceae
Species: Aureum
Origin: South East Asia

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Spiderplant: Often called an airplane plant, spider plants are another very easy care houseplant.

Genus: Chlorophytum
Family: Liliaceae
Species: comosum
Origin: South Africa

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