Azalea - About, Care and Maintenance

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The Azalea, a beautiful flowering plant, is part of the Rhodendron family. When purchased in a six or eight inch pot, decorated with a lovely basket and bow, it makes a very special gift for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. It also makes a perfect centerpiece for weddings.  Azaleas have what are called terminal blooms, one flower per stem. These flowers all bloom at one time creating a spectacular show of color. Once the flowers finish blooming the plant needs to be pruned.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Bright light and cool temperatures.  Keep away from heating vents.

WATER:  Keep soil moist at all times, but not sopping.  Plant will droop if underwatered and severe leaf droppage will occur due to overwater.

FERTILIZER:  Regularly.

Azaleas may be planted outside, partly in the shade, in well- drained slightly acidic soil. However, they do not survive where the temperature dips below 0 degrees F, nor do they tolerate high heat for long periods (i.e. Southwest U.S.). Whether you keep them inside or plant them outside, azaleas are beautiful plants that require little care and provide years of enjoyment

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