Amaryllis - About, Care & Maintenance

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Instead of roses this year, why not try giving an a Amaryllis to that special person for Valentine’s Day? Cut flowers quickly die, chocolates are eaten and then forgotten, but an amaryllis will bloom not only this year, but for many years to come. They bloom any time between December and June depending upon when the bulbs were planted.

An amaryllis may have flowers that are red, white, orange, salmon, pink, stripped, or even multicolored. Purchase one preplanted in a pretty ceramic container and it will be ready to bloom soon after you bring it home or give it as a gift. If you want to plant the bulbs yourself, remember it will take 7-10 weeks for the blooms to appear. The larger bulbs are more expensive; but bigger, fatter bulbs produce more flowers. Unplanted bulbs should always be kept in a cool location (40-50 degrees). Caring for an amaryllis is simple, just water and watch the buds become beautiful flowers.

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