Cast Iron - Aspidistra

Cast Iron - Aspidistra - About, Care and Maintenance

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The Aspidistra elatior is from the Araceae family, Genus Aspidistra.  It's common name is the Cast-Iron Plant. This plant originates from Asia, and is a foliage plant. One of the toughest plants to kill, it is commonly used as a specimen and for mass planting. The leaves are long and slender and usually black-green.  Low light levels are tolerated and it requires little water and low humidity.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Very tolerant of most light levels, however keep out of direct light.  Likes cool temperatures.

WATER:  Water regularly in spring and summer, but do not keep saturated.  Let the first few inches of soil dry between waterings.

FERTILIZER:  Regularly in spring and summer.

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