Chrysanthemums-Mums - About, Care and Maintenance

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Chrysanthemums (Mums) are primarily an outdoor plant that comes in many colors: red, purple, bronze, yellow, white, lavender, pink, and off white. It is also a great plant to add some color to your office without spending a huge amount on a cut flower arrangement. Just follow a few simple rules and your mum will stay in bloom for many weeks. Always allow a Mum plant to dry out a little before watering it; the green leaves should become a little soft & droopy. Once you water, it will immediately perk up and look great. Keep the plant out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents.  Once the plant has finished blooming, someone from the office can take it home and plant it in their garden.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Bright light and cool temperatures.

WATER:  Keep soil fairly moist, allow surface of soil to barely dry between waterings.  You may need to water your mums a couple of times per week.

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