Goldfish-About, Care, and Maintenance

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There are over 25 different varieties of nematanthus. Although they all produce flowers that resemble goldfish, the colors of the flowers and the shape and color of the leaves varies from plant to plant. The flowers can be red, yellow, or orange.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  These plants love bright, indirect light. In fact, if your goldfish is not blooming, try moving it to a brighter location.  Regular indoor temperatures, ranging from 60-80 degrees are perfect.

WATER:  Water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch a few inches down. Remember, a 6” pot dries out faster than an 8” pot; always err by under-watering rather than over-watering. If green leaves start to fall off, you are over-watering.

FERTILIZER:  Feed monthly in the winter and fall and every other week in the spring and summer with a good plant food like miracle gro.

PESTS:  Aphids & especially mealy bugs can infest goldfish plants. A good spray, be sure to cover both sides of the leaves, with undiluted alcohol usually gets rid of the pests. Aphids & mealy bugs usually appear on the new growth first.

APPEARANCE:  Goldfish start out as upright plants in a 6” or 8” pot. As they grow, trailers develop and the plant then looks great hanging in a basket or ceramic pot. If your goldfish becomes leggy, just cut it back and watch it fill out again.

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