Anthurium - About, Care & Maintenance

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Anthuriums are a flowering plant that will beautify a home or office for a long time with very little fuss. An easy care, long lasting flowering plant, Anthuriums are very popular for birthdays, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. With their big shiny heart shaped leaves and multiple waxy flowers, Anthuriums are always a joy to receive.

LIGHT AND TEMPERATURE:  Anthuriums thrive when it is warm during the day (75-85 degrees) and about 10 degrees cooler at night. Higher temperatures will cause the flowers to fade quickly and will slow down growth. Anthuriums are a high light plant; but like most indoor plants will not tolerate direct sun.  When there is insufficient light, plant growth slows down and few flowers are produced.

WATER:  Water an anthurium well and then allow it to dry out before watering again. Under -watering may slow down plant growth, but over-watering will cause permanent root damage. Yellow leaves, when temperatures have not gone below 45 degrees, usually indicates over watering.

FERTILIZER:  Fertilizing is not as important with an anthurium as it is with other houseplants. Don’t fertilize until you see the plant start to produce new leaves; this may be several months after you have bought it or received it as a gift. When you do fertilize, we recommend diluting it to ½ or ¼ strength. Never fertilize any plant when the soil is totally dry, as this will burn the roots.

PESTS:  Mealy bugs, scale, and aphids plague anthuriums, (as well as most other houseplants). We recommend that you use an Insecticidal Soap (Safer Insecticidal Soap is an excellent product) or a solution of alcohol (undiluted) mixed with a little liquid ivory soap, and a small amount of mineral oil.

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