Plant Services

Foliage Unlimited is a leader in providing plant sales, maintenance, rental, and information about the care and use of interior plants, trees, and flowers. Our 30 years of experience can solve all of your plant needs.

Interior Design

Foliage Unlimited uses live plants, trees, and flowers to enhance your decor, to clean the air of pollutants, and to provide a feeling of warmth. Plants and appropriate containers are used in conjunction with existing furniture and art work to give your building, office, or home that "finished look." Our selection of containers includes: ceramics, fiberglass, terra cotta pots, cement, brass, chrome and rattan baskets.

Plant Maintenance

Our well trained plant technicians water, fertilize, clean, trim, provide disease and insect control on a weekly basis. Plants purchased from Foliage Unlimited that fail to thrive are replaced free of charge. Learn More

Wholesale Plant Sales

Flower shops, interior decorators, contractors, and others in the trade who are interested in volume purchases are invited to check out our wholesale discount program. Our trucks deliver large orders free of charge. Learn More

Retail Plant Sales

Our 3000 square foot greenhouse has thousands of plants, trees, and flowers to choose from. We will gladly visit your facility and provide you with a free estimate or you are welcome to visit our greenhouse and select what appeals to you. Orders for gifts can easily be placed via phone, fax, or email. We have special arrangements in all price ranges for birthday, anniversary, get well, new home or business, appreciation, holiday greetings, or "just because." Learn More

Plant Rentals

Special occasions are made more special and rooms are made more beautiful with the addition of live plants and trees. Our decorators can quickly turn any facility into a beautiful venue for your particular event. Renting, rather than purchasing plants and flowers is a cost-saving device well worth investigating. Learn More

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