Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants

Anthuriums: With very little color, Anthuriums will beautify a home for a very long time!

Genus: Anthurium
Family: Araceae
Species: hybridOrigin: Tropical America

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Bromeliads: A spectacular Hawaiian plant that blooms for 6-12 weeks depending on temperature and light conditions.   Favorite variety: Guzmania
Genus: Guzmania
Family: Bromeliaceae
Species: spp.
Origin: Tropical America

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Christmas Cactus: The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera or Zygocactus) produces brightly colored flowers for the holidays.
Genus: Schlumbergera
Family: Cactaceae
Species: Bridgesii
Origin: Brazil

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Easter Lily: With proper care, your Easter Lilies will bloom for years!
Genus: Lilium
Family: Liliaceae
Species: L. longiflorum
Origin: Native to Japan

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Goldfish Plant: There are over 25 different varieties of Nematanthus!
Family: Gesneriaceae
Genus : Nematanthus
Origin: South and Central America

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Lipstick Plant: This beautiful draping plant with long graceful vines has "lipstick" tubular fowers.
Genus: Aeschynanthus
Family: Gesneriaceae
Species: Pulcher
Origin: India, Southern China to new Guinea

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Poinsettia: The classic plant for Christmas and the holidays has many other common uses too!
Genus: Euphorbia
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Species: Pulcherrima
Origin: Central America

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